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CSS Video Tutorials For Beginners In Urdu & Hindi


       CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet means visually representing the web when he/she visit the sites what they look and feel everything organize by the help of HTML (documents written in markup language )and CSS (which provides the different effect like  background colors, fonts ,navigation bar text align etc) whatever they can see in the site everything provide by the CSS-Tricks. The basic purpose of the CSS  its reduce the complexity and save time. I have covered all the aspect that are very helpful for you to make your website  in an efficient way .I try to pick each and every point that are very meaningful and usable. In the end of this course you’ll become a good designer in the web designing field . you can make different changes in your web pages  using CSS and provide attractive look in your websites…

Content of this Course:

CSS Introduction

CSS properties

  • font properties
  • background properties
  • box related properties

List Properties

  • Styling Lists
  • Styling Tables
  • CSS Position Property
  • CSS Cursor Property

Ways to define style

  • Inline Style Sheet
  • Internal Style Sheet
  • External Style Sheet

CSS  Classes & IDs

  • purposes and styles
  • CSS positioning

CSS Layouts

  • Box modal
  • CSS display
  • Margin and Padding
  • CSS Link Styles


PLAYLIST about CSS Tutorial on You Tube:

I have uploaded my all CSS tutorial which are very helpful for you must watch my complete videos.Any issue any query about these tutorials you’ll discuss with me .i’ll support my best that I could.Gives your feedback at the every end of my video .Its really a supportive and encouraging act .Thanks

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